Querying Logs

There are two major ways to search for logs. You can use SQL syntax or full text search.


Here is an example SQL query selecting a specific JSON fields:

    json_extract(logs.msg, '$.Data.method') AS method,
    json_extract(logs.msg, '$.Data.request_uri') AS request_uri,
    json_extract(logs.msg, '$.Data.user_agent') AS user_agent,
    json_extract(logs.msg, '$.Data.addr') AS addr
FROM logs
WHERE json_valid(msg) AND request_uri LIKE '%/account%'
ORDER BY "timestamp" DESC
LIMIT 2001;

SQL Query

You can also use full text search.


  • water will search for the term “water”
  • "light beer" will search for the phrase
  • description:water will look for water in the description JSON field
  • /light (beer|wine)/ will perform a regular expression against the terms
  • description:/wat.*/ it works on JSON fields too
  • +description:water -light beer will perform a query that MUST satisfy the term water in the description field, MUST NOT satisfy query for the term light, and SHOULD satisfy the query for the term beer

Full Text Search

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