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Critical errors and lurking problems are costing your business

If you run an app or website it is critical that you know when:

  • Your app is having trouble and needs your attention
  • There are security issues or suspicious activity
  • Your website goes down

Have you ever calculated how much it costs your business per hour that your site is down or having critical issues?

Would you even know if your site was down? Problems are not always obvious. Maybe your site is up but your credentials to your payment processor API expired or changed and now your checkout is broken. Maybe your Content Delivery Network was misconfigured and your site is up in the U.S. but down for EU customers. Maybe your Contact Us page looks great in Chrome but doesn't even load in Firefox.

Remember that really important scheduled task or cron job that you put in place last week? Is it still running?

easy cron monitoring

When did it run last? Will you be notified if it suddenly stops working or runs into errors? These silent failures happen all the time. It always seems to happen to those tasks that run most of the time without issue. Maybe it's an email automation that works week after week and then all of a sudden just stops sending.

You need to be alerted so errors aren't silent. If a job is supposed to run and doesn't, you need to know.

Do you have a server on the internet?

When was the last time someone logged into it? Maybe it wasn't you! When was it last updated? How much will it cost your business if your server is compromised? If an attacker gained access and altered or deleted the logs would you be able to tell what they had accessed?

Centralized logging is the key to finding and resolving problems quickly

A centralized logging and monitoring system is a place where you can send logs from all of your apps, services, websites, and servers. Once logs are in a central place you can set up alerts for various error or security scenarios.

Search logs with standard SQL to find and resolve problems quickly

Such as:

  • Critical errors
  • Remote SSH logins
  • Unknown IPs logging into your site's admin section
  • Failed authentication attempts
  • Your disk is 90% full and on the verge of an outage
  • Successful/Failed backups
  • Failed cron jobs
  • Site down
  • Page load time under threashold

By collecting all logs in one place, it's easier to analyze data across different systems and services. This complete view helps in diagnosing complex issues that might go unnoticed your single server's logs.

Centralized logging and monitoring systems constantly check the health and status of your website or app so you don't have to. If your site goes down or has performance issues, the system will immediately alert you. This quick detection minimizes downtime and the associated costs.

Running a centralized logging and monitoring system doesn't have to be a ton of work

There's a lot of centralized logging and monitoring solutions out there but they're often really expensive, complex or require many hours of setup and ongoing monthly maintenance.

Central Logging is the best solution for small businesses that want the power of centralized logging but don't want the headaches associated with operating complex open source and SaaS solutions.

There are good open source solutions for centralized logging but they're difficult to set up and costly to maintain. You end up spending so much time maintaining the system and keeping it up-to-date. And, there are several pieces of software you need to configure so they can coordinate. It is never just one install and you're done. You begin with a getting started guide and the next thing you know you are setting up an entire kubernetes cluster of complexity and pain.

Unlike some of the open source solutions, we designed Central Logging so you can host it on one of your servers... set it up in under 5 minutes... and forget about maintenance. It's turnkey.

You can deploy in under five minutes!

The easy installation process:

  1. Put an executable on a server
  2. Run it

There are no containers or layers of abstraction to distract you and suck time from your busy day. There are no config files to tune or docker-compose files to create. If you need to move Central Logging to a new server just copy a single executable file and data folder to the new server and run it. Need access to your data? There are no proprietary data formats. Logs are always stored in open data formats.

Save a ton of money self-hosting

According to an article on SaaSworthy, the leading SaaS based centralized logging pricing starts at $150/GB/Month!

Central Logging is a one-time payment.

For the cost of just one month of the leading SaaS alternative you can take control of your own data and self-host your centralized logging and monitoring solution that can grow with your business.

You can scale your business freely knowing that you will not be charged per GB of logs you send.

There are other benefits. You will never be locked into a single logging vendor as the log data is stored in an open readable format that you can extend, analyze, or forward to another system.

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If you already have a centralized logging system, how much are you paying? How complicated is it to run and maintain? Central Logging could save you thousands per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just $187, once, really?

Yes, Central Logging is just $187, once. No ongoing fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, no per-user fees, no support contracts, nothing. You don't rent Central Logging like SaaS products — you buy it, it's yours.

What exactly do I get?

You get access to a statically linked self-contained executable. It hosts an HTTPS (auto certs) server and a web interface for searching logs and a REST API for receiving logs. You also get access to Linux and BSD agents to send system and service logs.

Does it scale?

It does surprisingly well. It concurrently ingests logs and batch writes them to multiple SQLite databases with WAL enbaled. Central Logging is designed for small businesses that do less than 10GB per day of logs. If you have petabytes of daily logs this is not for you.

Is there an installer or dependencies required?

Central Logging is a standalone static executable with no additional dependencies. There is no installer you just run an exeuctable. It will automatically fetch valid TLS certs and setup a systemd service.

Is there a demo?

Checkout the download links below for a fully functional system. No credit card needed.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes. Currently, we have a no-question-asked refund policy.

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