CL Agent

If you run your own servers and want to send all logs from these servers to central logging you can use our central logging agent with binary name clagent. CL agent will periodically send all system logs upstream to your central logging instance.

On Linux it exports logs from systemd using the journalctl cli.

On OpenBSD it exports logs using syslogd.

Download CL Agent


Config is done by creating a file clagent.toml It can be in either /etc/clagent.toml or in the same path as the clagent binary. /etc/clagent.toml takes precedence.

Example clagent.toml:

URL = ""

You can test it out by just copying it to your server and running: ./clagent.

Install as a Service


You can install as a service on linux with:

sudo ./clagent-arm -install
sudo systemctl enable clagent
sudo systemctl start clagent


Create /etc/clagent.toml:

URL = ""

Modify /etc/syslog.conf

Add line:

*.*                                                     |/your/path/to/clagent

*.* means send all logs, the | means pipe output to another program (clagent)

Restart syslogd for changes to take effect:

doas /etc/rc.d/syslogd restart

Updating the Agent

./clagent -update then restart service if running on Linux sudo service clagent restart

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